Getting started

Welcome to AKASHA's web version!

In order to use it, you need to have Metamask (and optionally, IPFS companion) installed on your browser. The next optional instruction is for installing both companions and setting them up. First, head over to .


When you first enter AKASHA web without those addons, you'll be greeted by this page:

Follow these instructions for the initial setup:

1. Click on "Get Metamask" and install the addon.

You'll be greeted with the Metamask site after installation, so feel free to read about it and to learn how to make an account in Metamask.

Metamask greeting page

2. Go back to the AKASHA tab and click on "Get Companion" and install the addon.

After installing IPFS Companion, make sure that you toggle to "Embedded", and allow "Apply this decision to all permissions in this scope" on the popup message.

3. Click on the menu for Networks inside the Metamask panel, and select Rinkeby Test Network:

NOTE: If you haven't created an account in Metamask, you'll enter the Guest Mode:

4. Create an account or import an existing den, following Metamask's instructions.

Refresh the page and you'll have your own test account. Read the Terms of Service and claim your test ETH gift.

5. Make sure that IPFS Companion is on Embedded!

From there, you can  publishedit your profilecreate a new board, and much more!

Remember, every interaction within AKASHA is a transaction inside the Rinkeby Test Network, so you'll have to authorize each transaction with Metamask.

For example, if I want to  manafy my AETH, that is a transaction and has to be authorized by clicking on SUBMIT in the MetaMask Notification, like on the next gif:

happy posting!!!