Edit profile

After the initial setup, you can personalize your account by editing your profile.

Here are some easy steps in order to do so:
NOTE: make sure you have mana before trying to do so.

1. Click on "Edit profile" in the lower left corner menu, by clicking on the gray icon.

2. Customize your profile with a picture, a cover photo, a username, and more.

For example:

3. After having filled in the blanks, click on "Register Profile" on the lower right corner:

4. Authorize the transaction via the MetaMask notification:

When the transaction is confirmed, you can see the transaction taking place in the Transactions Log, signed as Register your profile:

And finally, when the transaction is verified by the network, you can see your picture, cover photo, username, name and last name by clicking on the option "View Profile":

And voilà:

welcome, pioneer!