How to MANAfy AETH

When opening AKASHA the first time, the first thing you'll want to do after setting up your profile is to MANAfy your AETH.

MANA is the crypto fuel that powers the AKASHA ecosystem, and required for the various interactions within the AKASHA DApp such as publishing, commenting, voting, and more. 

First, press the blue MANA button.

Here you can create MANA from AETH. 

Use the slider to set the amount of AETH you wish to manafy.

Once confirmed, the MANA can be used immediately.

As long as the AETH remains in a 'Manafied' state, new MANA will be generated at the same rate every 24 hours.

To convert Manafied AETH back to Cycling AETH you would Decrease your MANA.

Use the slider to set the amount of MANA you'd like to switch back to AETH.

Once confirmed, there is a 7-day waiting period until the AETH is back in your wallet.