Migrate Web account to Desktop version

This is a step by step guide for migrating your web account that's using Metamask to the Desktop version!
You need your private key and having Geth installed.

1. Export your private key by clicking on the three dots next to your account, in the Metamask submenu:

2. Copy the private key, and create a .txt file. Copy the private key into it, with your plain text editor of choice, and save it.
(DO NOT SHARE THIS KEY WITH ANYONE, and do not post it online or upload the file!!)

3. Run the following command on a command line tool:

geth import account %YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY.txt%

and this is how it looks like when you run the command (it asks you for a passphrase, too): 

 4. Find and copy the JSON file created, which can be found in the following OS address:

Windows   C:/Users/%Your username%/AppData/Roaming/Ethereum/keystore

Linux   ~/.ethereum/keystore

Mac   ~/Users/%Your Username%/Library/Ethereum/keystore<br>

5.  And paste that file onto the following OS address, in order for the desktop version to recognize it:

Windows  C:/Users/%Your username%/AppData/Roaming/Ethereum/rinkeby/keystore

Linux   ~/.ethereum/rinkeby/keystore

Mac   ~/Users/%Your Username%/Library/Ethereum/rinkeby/keystore<br>

If you followed the steps correctly, your account should appear in the desktop version's greeting screen, and you can log in with your passphrase (the one input in the Command Line tool).