Tip or Support a user

So you've been following a user that brings great content to AKASHA. Here's how you can show some support:


You can always tip a person for their effort, and inside AKASHA you can do it by following these steps:

1. Find a user you want to show some support to and click on their username.

2. A popup panel will appear, and you can select many options. In this case, click on the little wallet icon to send a tip.

3. Select an amount of ETH or AETH or both, and click on the Send button:

4. A popup panel from Metamask will appear, to confirm the transaction. 
NOTE: if the panel doesn't appear, you can click on the Metamask extension icon, on the top right corner, and see the pending transactions.

And that's it! 

You can see your tip waiting to be confirmed in the Transactions Log:

And lastly, a message will appear announcing the success of the tip:

Support a user

Alternatively, you can also visit a user's profile and click on the Support button, select an amount of ETH and/or AETH, and send it:

Again, if the popup panel from Metamask doesn't appear for confirming the transaction, click on the Metamask extension icon...

and confirm it:

happy tipping!!!