Publish an entry

The best way to get started in using AKASHA is by publishing an entry. The content that you can upload will be seen by all the other users and can be either an Article or a Link -the option for publishing an image is still pending-.

So to get started, move your cursor over the "Write" blue button on the top left corner and select an option, like Article, and click on it. It will open a blank template for posting it.

When you're finished writing the article, add some tags, like the ones on the bottom:
NOTE: You cannot create new tags if your karma level is zero.

You can modify the publish options by clicking on the button next to Publish, and a panel will appear. 
When you're done, click on the blue "Publish" button and confirm the Metamask transaction:

The posting success can be seen in the Transactions Log:

Now go back to the homepage and check out your Article right out of the oven:

happy posting!!!