How to migrate accounts

You will need to copy the Ethereum Identity Key(s) (`UTC--2017...`) associated with your alpha account first.

You can find them here (NOTE: If you can't find them, make sure Hidden Files are Shown in your OS):

Windows  C:/Users/%Your username%/AppData/Roaming/Ethereum/akasha-alpha/keystore

Linux  ~/.ethereum/akasha-alpha/keystore

Mac  ~/Users/%Your Username%/Library/Ethereum/akasha-alpha/keystore

Open the AKASHA beta if you haven't already. This will allow geth to start syncing with the Ethereum blockchain, and create your new keystore folder. 

Then, simply copy the Ethereum Identity Key(s) (`UTC--2017...`) associated with your alpha profile, and paste or move it into the following corresponding beta directories:

Windows  C:/Users/%Your username%/AppData/Roaming/Ethereum/rinkeby/keystore

Linux  ~/.ethereum/rinkeby/keystore

Mac  ~/Users/%Your Username%/Library/Ethereum/rinkeby/keystore

To migrate a beta profile to another computer, simply copy your Ethereum Identity Key(s) (`UTC--2017...`) associated with your beta account, and paste in your respective directory on the new computer.

If things went smoothly, you should see your identity in the login screen the next time you start AKASHA. Use the password associated with the migrated account to login to AKASHA.